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Celebrating National Empanada Day at Rumba’s Cafe in Jersey City 

Celebrating National Empanada Day with a few beef empanadas

Celebrating National Empanada Day with a few beef empanadas and an Iron Beer

It seems as if everyday of the year there is a new holiday to be celebrated, everything from National Siblings Day to National Pizza Day.  So when my boss mentioned that Wednesday was National Empanada Day, we knew it was our task to find a righteous Latin American restaurant for lunch.  And that we did.

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Christus Resurrexit! Resurrexit Vere!  

Sebastiano Ricci's "The Resurrection"

Sebastiano Ricci’s “The Resurrection”

Christ is Risen!  Truly, He is Risen!  I would like to take a moment to wish you all a very blessed and happy Easter Sunday.  God bless!

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Breaking the Good Friday/Holy Saturday Fast

My Aunt Grace Ann's homemade pizzagaina

My Aunt Grace Ann’s homemade pizzagaina

It’s midnight, which means it’s officially Easter Sunday.  I’m starting a new Easter tradition; which is breaking the Good Friday/Holy Saturday fast with a nice piece of my Aunt Grace Ann’s delicious homemade pizzagaina.  Pizzagaina is a meat pie that many people of Southern Italian origin make on Good Friday to be eaten after Easter Vigil Mass on Holy Saturday.  This recipe has been in my family for generations.  It’s one food item that I have very fond memories of helping my Dad make when I was a kid.  Happy Easter or as they say in Italy, “Buona Pasqua”!

Pax et bonum,
Anthony “Tony Mangia” Scillia