Steak Lunch at Arthur’s Tavern in Morris Plains, NJ

Arthur's Tavern 700 Speedwell Avenue Morris Plains, NJ

Arthur’s Tavern
700 Speedwell Avenue
Morris Plains, NJ

There’s one steakhouse in New Jersey that I’ve been looking forward to trying for quite some time, but just never had the chance to dine there.  That steakhouse is Arthur’s Tavern on Speedwell Avenue in Morris Plains directly across from the train station.  I’ve passed the location on numerous occasions, but never had the opportunity to stop in for a bite to eat.

I'm excited to try a steak at Arthur's

I’m excited to try a steak at Arthur’s.

We were working in the area on Monday morning, and on our way to the next job, my boss was telling me all about the 24 ounce Delmonico steak that Arthur’s in known for.  After all that talk, he said we can’t just drive by, we have to have a steak.

To be honest, I rarely (no pun intended) eat steak at home because I find that it never comes out as good as it does when you’re out to eat at a nice steakhouse.  It has to do with the heat of the seat and the quick cooking.  Even my backyard grill cranked up to 500 degrees just doesn’t compare to the grills, broilers, salamanders, and ovens of steakhouses.

Believe me, I definitely enjoy a medium rare steak every now and again.  And with all the steak talk, my appetite was whetted and the salivary glands were kicked on.  It was early when we entered Arthur’s, just before the lunch rush.

Plate of health salad & a pickle

Plate of health salad & a pickle

We grabbed two seats at the bar.  The bartender presented us with the menus, but it only took us all of about three seconds to tell him what we were ordering, two 24 ounce Delmonico Steaks and two unsweetened iced teas.  That was easy enough.  Instead giving you peanuts and pretzels at the bar, Arthur’s gives you bowls of pickles and health salad.  I had a taste of each, but didn’t want to go overboard because there was a monster 24 ounce steak in my not too distant future.

24 oz. Delmonico Steak

24 oz. Delmonico Steak

After a few minutes, the bartender presented us with our steaks.  WOW!  Now this was a steak I would not soon forget.   It was a mammoth hunk of meat with a nice char on the outside.  There was a good amount of roasted potatoes served on the side.  Just the aroma and sight of the cooked meat had my salivary glands in high gear.  You always eat with your eyes first.  I grabbed my fork and knife and cut off my first taste of Arthur’s famous Delmonico steak.

It was love at first bite.  The steak was perfectly seasoned with just salt and pepper.  There was no need to cover up the delicious beef flavor with steak sauce or ketchup.  The meat had a really good ratio of meat to fat.  Sometimes you get a steak, and it feels like you’re gnawing at it for eternity.  Not so with this steak.

Arthur McGreevy knows how to keep happy diners coming back for more.

Arthur McGreevy knows how to keep happy diners coming back for more.

I made short work of my steak and roasted potatoes.  But I certainly enjoyed every bite.  After eating just about a pound and a half of steak, I had very little room for much else, so we decided to pass on dessert.  I must say I was very impressed with my lunch.  I look forward to returning again real soon.  Maybe next time I’ll order one of their famous burgers and a little dessert.


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