Knights of Columbus Novena for National Unity

Let us pray the Knights of Columbus Novena for National Unity. I know many of us have gotten out of hand with this election cycle, myself included.

But now is the time to join together as “One Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.” So many of us have lost friends and even family members over the political backbiting. And for what? Nothing.

I’m making a resolve to not post negative things on my social media. However, I will not back down for standing up for my Catholic Faith, its doctrines, dogmas, etc. I will also not stand for those who knock or belittle my beliefs. So let us pray for our country and all her elected officials.

Let us not hope & wish for our elected officials to fail; because if and when they do, we will all feel the consequences. Let us not doom ourselves to the errors of the past. Let us put Christ at the center & stand triumphant.


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